Why should you invest in a web presence?

For any one of our services; Web Site development, Consulting or Personal Training, it is our policy to provide to you a Free one time consultation and then to create a proposal outlining our discussion. If the proposal meets with your approval, we begin work. No billable work begins without your prior approval!


Web Site Development


Business Sites:  Business web sites are everywhere on the Internet! You cannot help but find them every time you are online. They can be as simple as describing corporate information including contact information or as advanced as including an online database of thousands of items. The intent of a business site is to drive sales, so maximizing your ROI is extremely important.  When developing a new business site or developing strategies to enhance an existing one, it is recommended you give careful thought as to what you want it to do and how it will work within your existing operational strategy. This is where Weeks Web Wizard can help. We can consult with you to help you set up web goals and objectives and then develop a turnkey solution that can be implemented immediately or in phases. Sample Sites



Maintenance: Once your site is finished, more than likely there will be some changes and you will want to maximize the effectiveness of those changes. Our policy is to provide you one hour of web site maintenance free of charge after your site is complete! Another is to charge you a 'true hour service charge'. This is different than a per event charge which is like working on the click system. Every time there is a click, you pay. We do not follow this type of policy, primarily because our goal is to develop a strong working relationship with you. We can not do this if you feel like you will be charged every time you contact us! A true hour service charge means you get charged after one full hour of web maintenance has been completed. Our project clock starts when we begin billable work and stops when we are done. Additionally, we work with you to develop strategies to reduce the cost of maintenance. As experienced members of the Internet community, we can suggest options for effectively making changes in an organized way. Being honest about maintenance is one more way for us to say thank you for your business! The following link demonstrates an example of a site who uses Weeks Web Wizard for ongoing maintenance. Sample Sites



Domain Name Registration: The unique name that identifies an Internet site is called a Domain name. An example of a Domain name is www.yourname.com. Common Domain extensions are: .com, .net and .org. WWW can establish a Domain name for you. 



Web Hosting:  
Business and e-commerce: Choosing a hosting company for your site is one of the most important decisions you will make once your site is complete. While doing your research, you will experience terms like, hops off the backbone, transfer rate and support options. The bottom line is that your site must be up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no exceptions! Weeks Web Wizard provides proven hosting options that guarantee 99% uptime and that take into consideration the growth of your company. We Provide our customers with high quality and reliable hosting, equivalent to over 300 T-3's. Our redundant network connectivity ensures the fastest and the most reliable Internet backbone connection for your site, and our Network is maintained 24 hours a day, with our emergency response support team. With Weeks Web Wizard, you can be assured of the level of quality and service attended to your site.

Click here to see what you get with our standard hosting package!



Marketing: The old adage, "if you build it, they will come" is no longer true. With more than 3 billion existing web sites and 10,000 more coming on the scene everyday, web marketing is more important now than ever. Building a marketing campaign around your web business is hard work! And it makes sense to get some help. Weeks Web Wizard can show you some proven strategies for taking your site off the shelf and placing out in front! 

When you are ready to market your site, let Weeks Web Wizard guide through the process of e-marketing and suggest some options that will hit your target audience right on, right now!

It is important to note that developing your strategy should begin before the sites' creation. There are many things that can be done to promote your site once its finished, but even more that can be 'built-in' to the site during its design whereby assisting in expediting the marketing process. 




Consulting: Weeks Web Wizard has over 4 years experience designing and creating business web sites for companies and a combined total of 20 years experience in operational and logistical processes. Our expertise and understanding of the many options available for internet/intranet services and the diverse needs of businesses, enables us to provide an appropriate solution for your business. 

We can help you >>

Define your internet or intranet requirements, strategies and plans to integrate the

use of the web with your business. 

Understand the technology available, allowing you to make well-informed decisions

about your company's options. 

Create necessary strategies to use the internet/intranet to improve your

business and reduce cost. 

Design and create web solutions based on your requirements. 

Implement your web site solution quickly and efficiently. 

Review your current web site and offer recommendations for improvements and



Personal Training


Personnel Training: Weeks Web Wizard is dedicated to developing and implementing computer training programs designed for business professionals, corporate employees and home users. We offer personal training at your home or office providing one to one or group settings providing practical applications that can be implemented immediately! 

These programs include courses in; MS Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage and their graphical counterparts. We also offer training in database management, project and contact management, Internet access, browser use or just getting started.

Our seasoned training professionals have the practical teaching experience necessary to assist you at any level from the novice to the expert. Our courses are designed to move you forward at your comfort level always leaving you tools for immediate implementation. Take advantage of our experts and walk away feeling more confident and capable of achieving your computer goals!


To find out more or to set up FREE consultation call (928) 726-8940 or email the Wizards at Weeks Web Wizard.


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